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SERP Keyword Position checker is an Online SEO Tool to find position of any keyword in Google Search result. Ranking of Keyword in Top 50 pages is very important for getting Traffic and increasing the Domain value of your website.

The more keyword your web-page has in top 50 position in Google SERP result, or Bing SERP result, the more chances of getting organic traffic to your website. If your web-page has less Bounce rate it is likely that keyword position will increase gradually, as Google see this as a positive because user retention is one of the important factor for Website SEO.

There are various factors that determine how Google factors for giving top SERP position to your web-page as compare to your competitor's similar web-page. Below are some of the Key SEO Ranking factors : 1) User Retention, if user will come often to your website this is a positive factor for improving keyword ranking of your website.
2) Bounce rate : If you have low bounce rate of your web-page, there are high chances of getting your web-page promoted to top 10 position, i.e. Google 1st page.
3) Backlink with Anchor Text : This is one of the important offpage SEO factor to get ranking of the keyword in SERP result. Focus on Anchor text while creating Backlinks of your website page.
4) Increase in Keyword CTR, you can check CTR in Google Search Console.
5) Increase in Social sharing of the Web-page, the more user share your website the more chances of increase in its SEO ranking.
6) Web-page content quality, you should have Quality Unique content in your web-page to rank in top search engine.